A Place Called Ormalcy (2018), Mez Breeze

3D/VR Literature Fiction by Mez Breeze

Prepare yourself for the following Virtual Reality Fiction – increasingly referred to as XR Literature – by reading the artist’s instructions. The artist is Mez Breeze, an Australian-based creator of groundbreaking digital stories and games, often in VR, who’s been producing work since 1994. One of several prizes, DC Thomson’s 2017 Game Design Award went to her co-developed narrative game, All the Delicate Duplicates, in the Best Experimental Game category.

A Place Called Ormalcy is a literary narrative designed in and for 3D/VR environments but can also be viewed on mobile and desktop devices without specialist VR kit. The most vivid experience can be accessed using a VR headset, which we organised at Cymera Festival, in Edinburgh on Saturday, 8 June 2019, Scotland’s first ever book festival for science fiction, horror and fantasy literature.

Since the event was the first of its kind, we had only an inkling of what to expect. So it was with great anticipation that we showcased A Place Called Ormalcy by Mez Breeze at the festival. The wonderful team at VRoom Glasgow set up the system (HTC Vive) at our table in the Creator’s Hall to enable a room-scale experience for interested readers. The reactions were surprisingly varied, ranging from exhilaration and disoriented, to puzzled! We were thrilled to offer festival goers the chance to step into this new mode of literature and the experience has helped us understand the potential of XR fiction. Below are some photos of the set-up at the festival. Further down, you can explore A Place Called Ormalcy for yourself!

Documentation photograph showing a representative of VRoom Glasgow setting up the HTC Hive room-scale hardware at Cymera Festival 2019
VRoom Glasgow setting up the HTC Hive room-scale hardware at Cymera Festival 2019.
Documentation photo showing a reader trying out the HTC Hive Virtual Reality experience of the VR fiction, A Place Called Ormalcy
A reader navigates VR fiction ‘A Place Called Ormalcy’, by digital designer, Mez Breeze.

About the Artist

Read more about Mez Breeze at her Patreon and Twitter pages:



Viewing the work online

You can navigate A Place Called Ormalcy one chapter at a time by exploring the videos embedded below. Make full screen for the best effect, and wear good headphones to capture the increasingly textured sounds!

Chapter Wonne

Chapter Wonne: Meet Mr Ormal by Mez Breeze on Sketchfab

Chapter Toon

Chapter Toon: Mr Ormal likes to… by Mez Breeze on Sketchfab

Chapter Tree

Chapter Tree: One morning on the way to swork… by Mez Breeze on Sketchfab

Chapter Fall

Chapter Fall: Another swoony morning in Ormalcy by Mez Breeze on Sketchfab

Chapter Phive

Chapter Phive: Mr Ormal is sad by Mez Breeze on Sketchfab

Chapter Sux

Chapter Sux: Mr Ormal is on his way out by Mez Breeze on Sketchfab

Chapter Severn

Chapter Severn: Meet Plodiceman Ormal by Mez Breeze on Sketchfab

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