SisM is a space for time-based and code-based art and expanded narratives that explore the weird and the eerie.

Welcome to our digital magazine for literature and art beyond the page

SisM is the sister of Mycelia, our print magazine. Both are bound by the same editorial remit: to publish work that explores the weird and the eerie. The idea of a digital magazine is broad, covering PDFs, eBooks and websites. This magazine is a website that publishes creative work that moves, speaks, jumps and invites you to collaborate with its narrative ending; sound, moving image, net art and writing that use digital technologies to tell their story.

Temporal, Locative, Immersive, Augmented, Interactive

But we are interested in more than the medium per se. We want to see work that uses its medium as part of its meaning. The reason for the work being made in digital cannot simply be to make distribution easier, or for the sake of its being exciting. The reason has to be something crucial, something at the heart of the work. Preferably something weird or eerie.

‘What the weird and the eerie have in common is a preoccupation with the strange. The strange — not the horrific.’ Their allure is to do with ‘a fascination for the outside, for that which lies beyond standard perception, cognition and experience.’

— Mark Fisher, The Weird and The Eerie (2016), p. 8.

For a lengthier description of what SisM is, read our About page.